Living, working, and having fun in Amsterdam-Noord’s most vibrant and relaxed neighbourhood

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Republica woningen Amsterdam-Noord
Republica woningen Amsterdam-Noord

Republica is an elegant and vibrant urban oasis in Buiksloterham, the area in Amsterdam-Noord that has rapidly transformed into a circular residential area where people live, work, and have fun. The design of Republica involves the interplay of buildings, spaces, and functions, which create a wonderful, relaxed urban neighbourhood. 

Thinking, sleeping, talking on the phone, falling in love, working, having a good conversation or just enjoying some peace and quiet and going out for a great meal; everything that keeps you up or ensures a good night’s sleep can be found in and around Republica: on the squares, in the cafés, in the gym and on the roof terrace. Republica is a mix of creative companies, co-working spaces, rental and owner-occupied housing, a hip hotel, recreational facilities, and a café, with squares and streets that create maximum synergy between the different elements.

Impressive services and quality

Republica offers a mixed housing, working, and recreational programme with a level of services and quality that are unrivalled in Amsterdam. The housing programme is a mix of private sector rental apartments and owner-occupied residences. The owner-occupied residences are built on freehold land, so there is no leasehold to take into account. Residents can use the facilities such as the gym and wellness area.

Different personalities

At ground level, the six different buildings are connected by attractive outdoor squares, each one with a different personality. Greenery and water storage play an important role. Parking facilities will be available in the underground parking garage which, in addition to ample (bike) parking spaces, includes storage rooms and innovative technical functions.