6 buildings

Republica is like a small city-state with six durable buildings: Fat Lady (18 apartments for sale), Skinny Lad (10 apartments for sale), Short Guy, The Joker, Hotel, and Small Girl. They all fit in with Buiksloterham’s rugged, industrial past while, at the same time, the light, recycled materials and modern sophistication give Republica a unique, understated appearance.

Republica Skinny Lad

Skinny Lad

As Republica is the heart of Buiksloterham, Skinny Lad is the heart of Republica. A sleek, tall heart that is surrounded by a robust, green concrete frame. The building will include ten lofts. Yes, Lofts. Ten exceptionally large, light-filled, owner-occupied apartments. A revolutionary design and development model; these lofts allow the owner to create personal living and working areas. A flexible framework to realise your dream, the polar opposite of traditional housing conventions.


Fat Lady

Next to Skinny Lad, there is Fat Lady with its 18 owner-occupied apartments. Don’t think of a short fat lady. No, Fat Lady is a wonderful, rugged, cool building with a classic, luxurious, monumental look. One of its most striking features is the innovative, terraced façade. This design offers many advantages: large outdoor spaces with plenty of privacy and lots of daylight flooding into your home. The terraces also provide space for integrated greenery, giving the apartments the appearance of a New York penthouse.

Republica Fat Lady
Republica Small Girl

Small Girl

Small Girl is the proud gateway to Republica, with functions for living, working, and great hospitality facilities. Its design follows the plan of the historic brick office building that once stood here. The building is set back from the road, creating enough space for a wonderful south-facing terrace. Small Girl was constructed with recycled bricks and has a unique black bamboo roof extension, giving the design even more charm. The ground floor will include a great café/restaurant with a terrace, above which there will be an office space that, naturally, complements the Republica identity. The top floors will also house 10 hotel suites.

Republica Hotel


A trendy boutique hotel as an extension of your own living room. This may sound like music to your ears. And the hotel is that music. Although ‘extension to your living room’ may even be an understatement because the hotel is not just a place where you can get a cup of coffee in the great restaurant or relax on the terrace along the square. Here you’ll be able to swim in the natural rooftop pool, work out in the gym, relax in the wellness area, or drink the most delicious cocktails in the rooftop bar. And you can work in a comfortable co-working space. The choice is yours. 

The hotel is constructed with thermally preserved, light-coloured Limba wood. Rugged and inviting, it’s supported by a transparent glass façade that connects the indoors with the outdoors. The result is that the hotel lobby and restaurant become part of the square, making the hotel an easily accessible and attractive place that draws people in, both the residents and those who visit Republica.

Republica Short Guy

Short Guy

Short Guy, in short, it’s a super cool building that refers to the industrial heritage of Buiksloterham. To the port structure of concrete pillars and metal containers. When you take a closer look, you’ll see what we mean. But these ‘containers’ are made of robust, dark-grey, recycled concrete with recycled anthracite cladding. The building includes 23 private sector rental apartments. The apartments on the top floor have a private outdoor space that contributes to the quality of living, as well as to the sustainability of the area. This ensures that Short Guy fits right in with the circular masterplan of Republica and Buiksloterham.


The Joker

The Joker is more or less Republica’s wild card. With its typical sawtooth roof, it may be the most industrial building in the project. In the old days, this type of roof construction was used to get as much daylight flooding in as possible. The Joker seems to have been cut from one piece of material. From a distance, the recycled, timeless COR-TEN steel ‘cladding’ reveals nothing about the function of the building: a multifunctional space for one or two businesses that will contribute significantly to Republica’s identity. The Joker is a creative black box: you can only see its striking and light-filled interior when you get closer and look through the large windows.

Republica The Joker